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Welcome to Heather Jefferson Photography! I want to thank you for stopping by and checking out my page. I can't get enough of baby toes, and crinkley noses. That indescribable moment when you are about to burst because of the love you feel, it just can't be described with simple words. Even that somber face of a two year old who is just wiped out from all of the days activities, so a long steady gaze is about all anybody is gonna get from him, because the world is just too big at the moment. That's what continues to drive me. I can't seem to capture enough of life, though I do try. Life slips right through my fingers, and though it seems cliche, one moment I am watching my two babies playing with tumbling blocks while Lion King plays in the background, and in the blink of an eye, they are 22 and 23 and off to the Air Force or on the way up the ladder to management. No more intermediate breaks from his video games just to give me a hug, and no more climbing up onto the sofa just so she can ask me to rub her back to help her fall asleep. Those tiny seemingly insignificant moments go so fast but are so precious and priceless. That's my why. That's what I am passionate about grabbing up like lightening bugs for others. It's about what's real, and raw. How close can I get to scoop up the emotion of that moment and put it in a mason jar. Take those real unedited moments and turn them into priceless fine art.

I'm a Tucson based relaxed portrait and lifestyle family photographer. Photographing every stage of your family's blessings is my mission. From the moment you find out the wonderful news that "you are expecting," to the arrival of your bundle of joy, and every precious step from that point on. Want to know more? Just shoot me a message. Thanks again for checking out my page! God's blessings to you and yours.









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Francesco Sinibaldi(non-registered)
La voz de la vida
se difunde en
el campo trayendo
la gracia de una
flor encantada:
suavemente, como
el sol que regresa
en el pálido seto,
como el tímido
llanto de una rosa
cansada que refleja
el dulzor de una
luz pasajera...

Francesco Sinibaldi
Sarah Finn(non-registered)
*our house
Sarah Finn(non-registered)
I am so in love with these photos. Working with Heather was like working with family. Thank you so much! We will now proceed to wallpaper out house with these to die for photos.
Karen Faber(non-registered)
Heather is an amazing photographer! She is willing to go and do anything to get the perfect shot for individual, family or pet. She is also very creative which adds to the fun in taking photos with her. Thanks Heather for all you do!!
Daniella & Alie Alba(non-registered)
Heather is an amazing photographer.. She isn't afraid to rustle through bushes and stand on rocks to capturer your beautiful moments. Thank you Heather!